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We Introduce DevOps Culture

Fostering a culture of shared responsibility is essential to building a high performing DevOps team. It’s important to consider how your work can impact other people and teams involved in the release process.

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We let you Implement DevOps Practices

We involve the existing IT team in the planning, strategy and implementation of DevOps Culture in the IT environment. It makes sense that the chances of customer satisfaction will be greatly increased if the software product is developed with the business involvement from day one.

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We Introduce Automation

Teams usually begin automation with the DevOps techniques of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). These processes often include the execution of an automated test pack for each code change followed by the automated deployment of the code to production. The return on investment by implementing techniques such as CD / CI cannot be over emphasised.

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Strategic planning

First, we access the state of current IT infrastructure. We do that by holding interviews and meetings with key…

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DevOps roadmap

Once DevOps strategy is in place, Extremclust DevOps consultants perform the following tasks: Extremclust deployment strategy: Containers are used for…

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DevOps setup

At Extremclust, Our consultants are committed to assist you properly implement the DevOps approach in the following ways: We…

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Industries We Serve

Business Services Consulting

DevOps culture to Teams dedicated to building general business software.

Financial Services Consulting

Most financial service companies IT team are rapidly adopting DevOps culture.

Energy and Environment Consulting

We have strong expertise in working to implement DevOps culture in the energy and power industry.

Travel and Aviation Consulting

Extremclust work with major players to automate their software delivery.

Consumer Products Consulting

We partner with consumer products software development teams for automated CD/CI and testing.

Surface Transport & Logistics Consulting

We aid logistics and transport partners deliver new releases of their software at faster rate.

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